Kona Premium is a Hawaiian premium Kona coffee producer since 1998.

I came across this brand many years ago after falling in love with Hawaiian pineapple flavoured coffee and looking for a reliable supplier. Being based in Australia, it’s actually very hard to come by at a decent price (more on this later).

I would love to see that brand taking off and get the success they deserve, so here’s how I would grow Kona Premium.



Let’s start with the obvious — their website looks like straight out the 90’s, and it is bad.

I can’t overstate how building trust…

Entertainment.com.au is a coupon membership that gives discounts and exclusive offers to its members, helping them to discover new activities and entertainment experiences in their area in the process.

Think Groupon, but with a membership.

Entertainment has been around for many years in the form of a coupon book and has just recently moved to a full online experience.

Here’s what I would do to grow this business.



Entertainment is not so different from a site like Grubhub, a delivery service based in the US. …

No doubt the future of meetings and events will be digital. We’re already doing it.

Luma came under my radar very recently, and this is a fascinating product.

Luma takes a stab at the excruciating pain of setting a zoom call event and sharing it with your audience. You don’t need to come up with your own landing page to host your event registration form or manage attendees anymore — Luma takes care of it for you.

Luma is looking for a Marketing & Ops lead to grow their product. Here’s how I would tackle the project.


Landing page


What strikes at…

Stéphane Recouvreur

Product Manager

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